Crack And Reset An Electronic Safe : Three Steps - Instructables

The phone socket half out from the protected so far as you canwithout completely disconnecting the entire unit, so get a 6v batt from alarm system, or you should have to purchase one, join both naked cables to the batt, and then put one cable onto the phone socket that you prised out, have a superb search for into the section, where you prised this socket out from and in around the key pad areayou ought to see different wire connections, so the second bare wire you will have to try to hit a kind of connections, its path and error, however in case you have the suitable connection at the phone socket part, and also you make the other reference to the right cable joint behind the keypad you have to be getting the power to the door lock, remember its trail and error , you'll have to do this a couple of times to verify you're hitting the precise connection, its works I just solved the identical drawback on my safe , i hope this helps you .